Why is Repetition So Important?

The old joke, “ Ya mean I gotta do that more than once?” about holds true throughout the Perfect Method.  To make progress in any area of your training, you need to repeat your effort using the appropriate movements or resistances, your technical skills using the correct mechanics or your behaviors using the correct choices. [...]


How Can I Improve My Anaerobic Endurance?

“Endurance” is commonly defined as the ability to perform prolonged periods of physical activity. The term “anaerobic” is specifically characterized by the lack of oxygen.  Without oxygen, the body can sustain a specific intensity level for only a short period of time.  So, having anaerobic endurance will extend the runner’s ability to go longer distances at [...]


How Do I Improve My Stride Length Without Reaching?

Stride Length is the second of three factors in sprinting.  It’s the distance your center of gravity travels between each foot contact.  Contrary to belief, stride length CAN’T be predetermined.  Every runner has their own stride length.  It’s like your fingerprint – it’s yours and yours alone.  However, it can be improved, with a focus [...]


How Do I Improve My Stride Frequency?

The number of strides the runner takes per second is a measure of the runner’s power and ability to attain maximum speed.  The higher the stride frequency, the more power there is available.   Think of each running stride  as the product of the amount of force applied to the ground and the amount of [...]


What’s the Best Way to Start my Running Program?

Are you starting a running program to improve your fitness?  What’s the best way to get started?  How do you know what to aim for? The most important point in your training should be to always run correctly.   Form matters, no matter what distance or speed you’re training for.  Check out The Mechanics of Running [...]