Why is Repetition So Important?

The old joke, “ Ya mean I gotta do that more than once?” about holds true throughout the Perfect Method.  To make progress in any area of your training, you need to repeat your effort using the appropriate movements or resistances, your technical skills using the correct mechanics or your behaviors using the correct choices. [...]


How Do I Build Cardiovascular Endurance?

One of the primary goals of cardiovascular conditioning is to increase blood flow to the muscles and delay the onset of fatigue.  Before beginning a training regimen,  know what you're trying to accomplish and how to measure your progress. Understanding Target Heart Rate The process begins with measuring the capacity parameters of cardio performance using [...]


What Are Some Drills to Manage My Tempo?

Setting Your Race Tempo Do some drills focusing on speed (using a shorter stride).  Work on your cadence. Do some drills focusing on arm swing. Practice running at or above your planned race tempo to know what the target lap (or mile) time feels like on race day. This should be the tempo for the [...]


What’s the Runner’s Strength Workout?

Strength is the foundation of all human performance, even in our everyday living activities.  Without strength, nothing else can happen. Strength is also the prerequisite for endurance.  As we shared in the Fundamentals of Conditioning, endurance comes from repetition and steady increases in duration. While flexibility, balance,  power and speed develop in tandem, strength is [...]


How Do I Assess Fatigue During a Training Session?

Overtraining results in injury, less than optimal results and frustration.  Please refer to the article on Cardiovascular Training for Endurance for the heart rate method to identify whether an athlete has recovered sufficiently during training to justify extending the session. Note from Carl: If you see the athlete tiring, be prepared to change the pace [...]


How Can Distance Runners Increase Their Speed?

How do runners improve their performance at longer distances? There are two objectives. You need to: Develop the correct musculature for speed over longer distances.   Use a training plan that focuses on the runner-specific functional musculature.  Running longer distances will also contribute here.    The fast twitch fibers that generate speed will learn to keep [...]


How Do I Add Distance Without Slowing Down?

What’s the best way to train for long – and longer- distances? Are you an 800m runner, and you want to run the 5,000m? Are you a casual runner who wants to train for a marathon? How do runners improve their performance at longer distances? There are two objectives. The athlete needs to: develop the [...]