How Do I Maintain My Speed?

When you reach Maximum Speed,  there are physical effects on the body.  What happens as  you reach top speed, and throughout the remainder of the run, can mean the difference between running your best or not.   In the previous chapter we learned that top speed muscle contractions are only possible for a few strides.  Then [...]


How Do I Get to Maximum Speed?

We continued building speed in Acceleration, and we’re fast approaching Maximum Speed, where another critical transition will occur.  As the runner approaches maximum speed,  their center of mass accelerates at a decreasing rate. However, as  they accelerate the ground recedes faster. The result? A reduction in contact time and effective force because of the reduction [...]


How Do I Accelerate Smoothly?

If you haven’t had a chance, we highly recommend that you review the Start phase.  We covered key elements that are critical to learn for you to be in the correct body position to enter the Acceleration phase. As you continue to build momentum, the ratio between both vertical and horizontal forces increases as the [...]


What’s the Secret to Reaction Time?

The “Set” position is held for a very short time.  Of course, the race starts at the sound of the gun.  Beyond having the correct Set Position every time, the “Gun” is what the athlete should train toward; specifically, how to minimize reaction time out of the blocks. At the sound of the gun, the [...]