How Do I Improve My Running Cadence?

No matter what the distance, human biomechanics dictate that short, quick steps are the most efficient way to run. Over-striding, or reaching, means you’re trying to cover too much ground with each step. Running “tall”, with your steps landing under your hips, is the right way to run. Your running cadence is the number of [...]


What’s the Best Way to Maintain Speed as a Distance Runner?

By the time the runner reaches the first curve of the track, they are settling in for the maintenance phase. Stride length and stride frequency will vary from athlete to athlete and this is where race tactics will come into play: whether to run a medium, steady pace over all laps, or to start slower [...]


What’s the Most Efficient Form for a Distance Runner?

Let’s look at the key points of good technique for distance running.  It's all about efficiency. "Run tall", with the head and torso stacked and the face and jaw muscles relaxed. Run with a natural stride, but don’t reach the foot forward, or the motion of the foot hitting the ground acts as a brake [...]