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Carl Lewis: The Consequences of Changing the Relay Exchange Zone

The NCAA recently announced that they are following the IAAF's lead in changing where exchanges can be made in the zone.   There are several implications, including slower race times and risk of athlete injury.  We recently led a lively discussion between Carl Lewis and special guest, Andy Ferrara.  Andy is a retired coach who has analyzed [...]


How Do I Get Started with The Perfect Method?

There’s only one way to run your fastest, or to reach your full athletic potential.  All successful athletes have a common set of characteristics and guidelines they follow to develop the physical ability, the technical skills and the mindset to become the best in their sport. The Perfect Method is your Success Template and our [...]


Carl Lewis: The Vegan Diet and Athletic Performance

In a recent interview at the 2017 USATF Black Tie and Sneakers Gala,  Carl discussed the changes he made to his diet at the age of 30.  He wasn't done competing  but more importantly,  he hadn't reached his performance goals yet. Converting to a vegan diet wasn't easy...he learned he needed to eat more than he was used [...]


10 Sprint Facts I Wish Everyone Understood

Originally posted by Coats Performance By Tony Holler, Track Coach, Plainfield North High School I consider myself a coach, a veteran of 36 years of coaching football, basketball, and track. Stuart McMillan recently tweeted, “A good coach knows a lot about a little and a little about a lot.” I know a lot about sprinting. [...]


Why is Repetition So Important?

The old joke, “ Ya mean I gotta do that more than once?” about holds true throughout the Perfect Method.  To make progress in any area of your training, you need to repeat your effort using the appropriate movements or resistances, your technical skills using the correct mechanics or your behaviors using the correct choices. [...]


How Do I Improve My Running Cadence?

No matter what the distance, human biomechanics dictate that short, quick steps are the most efficient way to run. Over-striding, or reaching, means you’re trying to cover too much ground with each step. Running “tall”, with your steps landing under your hips, is the right way to run. Your running cadence is the number of [...]


Exercise 2: How Do I Become the Person That I (Really) Am?

For the next week, practice doing one of the action items on your list from Exercise 1.   Add another one the following week. Continue to notice how you’re feeling inside, and whether you’re happier and perhaps a little more confident. Keep up the effort. And be proud of it! Give yourself a gold star [...]