While perfection itself may never be attainable, the pursuit of perfection – to be the best we can be – is why we’re here. The journey will be different for every individual, but the elements that lead to success will always be the same. The Perfect Method is a template that helps coaches and athletes of all levels maximize their potential – on and off the track.

Our team is a partnership of experts in the science of human motion, biomechanics, psychology, motivation and discipline. No matter what the goal, The Perfect Method will develop the technical skills and the confidence to perform when it counts the most.

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Kerry Sprick

  • Graduate of the University of Chicago, with a BA in Behavioral Science, and post-graduate work in leadership, personal training, clinical nutrition
  • Visionary educator and performance coach with a national consulting practice emphasizing the psychology of habit formation and change. Leads goal setting and strategy development sessions for individuals and teams who want to achieve new possibilities
  • Collaborating with Mr. Tellez and other subject matter experts to deliver and teach The Perfect Method system, with personal focus on the Success Template and development of the the company’s Mental Edge toolset
  • Editor of The Science of Speed The Art of the Sprint, which presents the knowledge, technical prescriptions and teaching experience of Coach Tellez in a way that expands its value to the athletic community and preserves it for future generations of coaches and athletes
  • Responsible for company operations, technology partnerships, sales and marketing

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