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Gearing Up and Gearing Down – Overview

Before any competition, conditioning workout or technical skills training session, your body must be transitioned from its resting state into a state of readiness so you can maximize your effort and prevent injury. The key to preparing your body for any strenuous activity is blood flow. Improved circulation raises the body’s core temperature and accelerates blood flow into muscles and connective tissues. As a result, your body can work harder during the “performance state” without getting hurt. We call the preparation series “gearing up”. After you’ve performed, it’s important to safely transition your body back to its resting state by “gearing down”.

Since the objective is a safe transition, both series must be done in stages. You wouldn’t walk onto the track and sprint full out, right? Intention, precision and consistency in the gear-up and gear-down will not only keep you from getting injured during the performance state but also keep you healthy, season in, season out.

Gearing Up and Gearing Down

What’s the Best Way to Gear Up?

Get the Blood Moving Athletes need to raise their pulse rate and open the blood vessels in the muscles they want to use, as well as raise their local temperature.   The “increase in muscle temperature allows for greater amounts of flexibility which in turn readies the athlete [...]


What’s the Best Way to Gear Down?

After every workout the athlete should gradually warm down, or gear down.   These activities include the same progression used in gear-up, but in reverse. The time to allocate would also be the same, unless you add some stretches at this point. NOTE FROM CARL: This is a GREAT time to work [...]