Coach Subscription 


  • Online video coaching tools and access to Perfect Method Templates
    • Focus on the details you can’t see at practice so they get better faster
    • Tailor your coaching to the individual athlete
    • Leverage Perfect Method expertise in your response
  • Phased training plans and access to Perfect Method Plans
    • Age-relevant conditioning and workouts
    • Running mechanics, starts and accelerations
  • Access to Perfect Method content:
    • Fundamental principles, methodology
    • Technical skills for sprints, distance and relays
    • Goal setting, nutrition insights, and more!
  • Team administration
    • Multi-media messaging in the portal and via email
    • Schedule practices
  • Leverage other coaches in the portal through webinars and forums
  • Collaborate with Carl Lewis and the Perfect Method Team to develop new products for $$$

The monthly subscription includes site functionality, certain content, templates and plans. We are adding to the library all the time. Perfect Method supplied video coaching and advanced training products will be fee-based.

Coach “Tech” Subscription 



all of the above AND….

  • Run events, performance evaluations, clinics, combines and try-outs
    • Online registration
    • Track athletic and skill-related data in real time
    • Share live leaderboard with athletes, and parents
  • Benchmark the speed, power, and skills of your athletes in their profiles
    • Track their personal event scores, best scores, and athletic history
  • Access Perfect Method Event Templates for Performance Testing (coming soon)
    • Bring a higher level of performance testing to your community
    • Access comprehensive standard drills library and compare athlete performance across national rankings
  • Create your own custom drills, standard, subjective, and 1v1 drills
    • Develop and your own data sets to track your athletes’ performance ability
  • Collaborate with the Perfect Method to develop advanced event programming and athlete reporting for $$$

Athlete Subscription 


  • Publish and share profile, accomplishments
  • Access to Perfect Method content, video coaching and performance plans
  • Track personal progress
  • Messaging with coach and the team