Individual Training  


  • Access entire Perfect Method reference library to train on your own
  • Publish and share your profile, accomplishments
  • Track your personal progress
  • Monthly video assessment of your running or start mechanics*

Coach’s Toolkit 


  • Utilize the Perfect Method Technical Skills library as your coaching guide
    • Fundamental principles, methodology
    • Detailed technical skills for sprints, distance running and relays
    • How to identify problems, Coach’s guide to problem solving
    • Access comprehensive standard drills library and compare athlete performance across national rankings
  • Create your own custom drills, standard, subjective, and 1v1 drills
    • Develop your own data sets to track your athletes’ performance ability
  • Monthly assessment of your athlete’s running or start mechanics*
    • focus on the details you can’t see at practice
    • tailor your coaching to the individual athlete
    • leverage Perfect Method expertise in your coaching
  • Develop phased training plans and review with The Perfect Method
    • conditioning and workouts
    • running mechanics, starts and accelerations
  • Leverage other coaches in the portal through message forums
  • Message with your athlete(s) in the system
  • Qualify for Perfect Method Coaching Certification

Monthly subscriptions include site functionality, certain content, templates and plans.  

Additional assessments will be fee-based.  Packages are available.

Team Portal



all of the above, AND…

  • Team administration
  • Multi-media messaging in the portal and via email
  • Schedule practices
  • Run performance evaluations, clinics, combines and try-outs
  • Online registration
  • Track athletic and skill-related data in real time
  • Share live leaderboard with athletes and parents
  • Benchmark the speed, power, and skills of your athletes in their profiles