Nutrition – Overview

Your nutritional status impacts your performance and your immune system, enhances recovery from an injury or surgery, and prevents health issues from arising over time. Unfortunately, the typical food choices we make and the “flavor of the month” diets we follow undermine our nutrition. Food is fuel, and without the right fuel, nothing else works.

Rather than following the trends, The Perfect Method shares evidence-based insight into what’s considered a healthy diet for all kinds of athletes. We use the latest science to provide a detailed assessment of your nutritional status so you can look beyond the protein-carb-fat ratios and dive deeply into what’s called micronutrition – the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that affect your metabolism and tissue health. Whether you’re a competitive athlete or weekend warrior, the right nutrition will make the difference in how you feel and how well you perform.


What are the Fundamental Elements of Nutrition?

Good nutrition is essential for an athlete’s performance, in training and in competition.  However, not all athletes require the same amount of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). The requirements are going to differ due to several considerations such as length of the training session, duration [...]


How Do I “Eat Clean”?

Whether you're a competitive athlete or a casual adult runner trying to stay fit, you need to be fueling your body with the foods and nutrition it needs to function - and be healthy.   There are two things to consider: sufficiency and purity.  Sufficiency means you're consuming the right balance [...]


How Should I Balance Protein / Carbs / Fats?

Here are general rules of thumb.  Please reference How Do I "Eat Clean"? for additional details.  While the percentages matter, the sources do, too. Protein (vegetable and lean, wild meats or fish)          20-35% of total calories Carbohydrate (vegetables and fruit)              [...]


What Are Some Nutritional Issues Specific to Athletes?

Along with conditioning, technical skills and mental preparation, THE PERFECT METHOD includes optimizing your nutrition.  Every day, we learn more about how nutrition impacts our health.  Whether you're a competitive athlete or an adult runner trying to stay fit, the evidence linking poor nutrition with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular [...]


Webinar: What’s the Right Fuel for The Perfect Run?

Dr. Ron Grabowski addressed important questions for runners: How does what you eat affect your running? What is your best diet and why? Questions that Dr. Grabowski answered include: - What’s the difference between a micronutrient and a macronutrient? - What’s the ”sweet spot”, or ideal balance of micronutrients and [...]


Webinar: How Does Nutrition Affect Athletic Performance?

Fatigue, dehydration and over-training syndrome are common challenges that athletes deal with on a daily basis. Common dietary choices and proper nutritional support can minimize these issues AND improve performance. Dr. Grabowski will discuss pre- and post-workout options, and what to do during competition. Get your question answered! Start: April [...]


How Do I Create the Right Nutrition Plan for Me?

We discussed the basic elements of nutrition in Healthy Eating Habits for the Athlete. We know that a healthy diet starts with the optimal macronutrients – the protein for muscle rebuilding, carbohydrate for energy and fats for nerve function. From there, the adequate micronutrients – the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and [...]


Why Are Omega 3s So Important?

 No matter how “well” we eat, it doesn’t matter what gets to our cells if it can’t get into the cells. Polyunsaturated fatty acids, specifically EPA/DHA Omega-3s, affect cellular membrane fluidity and insulin receptivity so they play a significant role in the cells’ ability to receive the nutrition they need [...]


What Are Micronutrients and Why Do They Matter?

Macro- and Micro-Nutrition:  Every Athlete is Different From a nutritional standpoint, the athlete’s focus should include both macronutrients – protein for muscle rebuilding, carbohydrates for energy renewal, fats for nerve function – as well as the critically important micronutrients – which are the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids the [...]


Why Should Everyone Avoid Bread, Pasta and Cereal?

The truth is, there are few things more harmful to us. Fresh baked bread…Mmmm… the smell drifting, the taste rich and fulfilling…reminds us of happy times, perhaps meals around the family dinner table. It feels good, right? But the truth is, too much bread, pasta or breakfast cereals can be [...]


How Do I Assess and Repair My Nutritional Status?

The Perfect Method is a complete program that helps you learn what to do and why, and how to make the changes you need to make in order to become your best.  If you're concerned about your diet and how your nutrition might be impacting your performance,  here are the [...]