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Neuromuscular Health – Overview

The central nervous system controls and regulates every activity in the body, from your thoughts to your blood flow to the way you move. The stronger the communication between your central nervous system and your muscles, the better you will perform. This is called Neuromuscular Health.

Through massage therapy, myofascial release work and chiropractic care, neuromuscular health helps you move efficiently, prevent injury, and recover quickly. This section educates you on neuromuscular health so you can find the right neuromuscular health practitioners for your needs. We also include some training you can do to improve your balance and coordination.

Neuromuscular Health

How Can Chiropractic Care Improve My Performance?

"An intact nervous system will lead to optimum functioning of the human body." - Dorland’s Medical Dictionary All body systems, from thought processes to the cardiovascular system to motor coordination, require action within the central nervous system.   It controls and regulates every activity.   It would stand to reason, then, that [...]


What is Neuromuscular Massage (NMT) and How Can It Help Me?

Most athletes and coaches already know that regular massage should be a part of any training or injury treatment plan, and THE PERFECT METHOD agrees.   There have reputable studies about the benefits of massage. Here are a couple of examples: Physiological Benefits: The manual release of muscle tightness can dilate [...]