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Goals and Planning – Overview

Planning makes everything easier. A good plan starts with setting the right goal, studying what you need to do to get there, and identifying the resources you need to help you accomplish each step. Your plan must be balanced and comprehensive, addressing the three main categories covered by The Perfect Method: physical readiness, mental preparation, and technical skills.

In this section, we show you Carl Lewis’ Template for Success and introduce you to something called “The Be-Do-Have” model, which allows you to aim for the stars, and create your path to get there. We also show you how to change negative thoughts into positive ones so you can stay focused, do the work, and build your confidence.

Is becoming an Olympian in your future? It can be.

We help coaches, too. The Perfect Method helps you set goals and create a plan for your team. You can also use our tools to get to know each of your athletes, keep them motivated and help them stay on track with their training as the season progresses.

Help your athletes seek and attain what’s possible. Be the best coach you can be.

Goals and Planning


What is The Template for Success?

If we look back at the path Carl Lewis took- and the path almost every athlete or successful person has taken to get to the top- we can identify a pattern and series of choices.  The Perfect Method calls this the Template for Success. Know where you want to go [...]


What’s the Be-Do-Have Model?

Most of us are action-oriented. We tend to focus on everything we’re doing and accomplishing. There’s nothing wrong with this, because it allows us to accomplish a great deal. However, when we focus on the “do” as the starting point for all we can “have” and “be” in the world, [...]


How Do I Use the Be-Do-Have Model?

Are you ready to design your future?  Let's go!   Grab some paper and a pencil.  Make sure you're in a quiet area with no distractions.... Step 1: Imagine the Future You’re Excited About What is It? Write it down.   Imagine you're in the future time when you’ve accomplished your [...]


How Do I Build My Commitment to My Goal?

You’ve set the goal. Is it a specific time or distance? Or to be an Olympian? To finish a marathon or your 1st 5K? Perhaps you’re a coach vying for a promotion. Whatever the goal, congratulations on declaring it yours to “be”.   That's Step 1 of the Be-Do-Have Model. [...]


Exercise 1: What Am I Made Of?

This exercise will take about 30 minutes, but it's an important step in Goals and Planning because it'll help to confirm your starting point. Your starting point is about knowing what's important to you.  Have you ever heard the term, “core values”?  We all have them. They're what define us, they're [...]


Exercise 2: How Do I Become the Person That I (Really) Am?

For the next week, practice doing one of the action items on your list from Exercise 1.   Add another one the following week. Continue to notice how you’re feeling inside, and whether you’re happier and perhaps a little more confident. Keep up the effort. And be proud of it! [...]


Why is Repetition So Important?

The old joke, “ Ya mean I gotta do that more than once?” about holds true throughout the Perfect Method.  To make progress in any area of your training, you need to repeat your effort using the appropriate movements or resistances, your technical skills using the correct mechanics or your [...]