Carl Lewis: The Consequences of Changing the Relay Exchange Zone

The NCAA recently announced that they are following the IAAF's lead in changing where exchanges can be made in the zone.   There are several implications, including slower race times and risk of athlete injury.  We recently led a lively discussion between Carl Lewis and special guest, Andy Ferrara.  Andy is a retired coach who has analyzed [...]


10 Sprint Facts I Wish Everyone Understood

Originally posted by Coats Performance By Tony Holler, Track Coach, Plainfield North High School I consider myself a coach, a veteran of 36 years of coaching football, basketball, and track. Stuart McMillan recently tweeted, “A good coach knows a lot about a little and a little about a lot.” I know a lot about sprinting. [...]


The Athlete’s Mental Edge Drives Success – in All Areas of Life

One of The Perfect Method’s areas of focus is mental preparation.  All serious athletes work on their technical skills and prepare their bodies with diet and exercise, but when the time comes to compete it is often the athlete’s Mental Edge- their level of focus, discipline, confidence and awareness- that determines whether they win, make [...]


Carl Lewis | My Story

The IAAF named me “Sportsman of the Century”. The IOC named me “Olympian of the Century”.  My parents named me Frederick Carlton.  My athletes call me Coach Lewis these days. I was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1961 and my family lived right in the middle of the Civil Rights movement. My parents knew Dr. [...]


This Relay System Works.

- Carl Lewis The 2017 D1 NCAA Championships offered us some great races and lots of excitement, across all events.   As the sprints coach for the University of Houston, our 4X100 win was particularly exciting for me because it showed that the system we use really works. Relays are team events and running them successfully [...]


Webinar: Why are More Younger Athletes Getting Hurt?

Dr. James Andrews is an orthopedic surgeon, sports injury consultant and author of Any Given Monday - Sports Injuries and How to Prevent Them, for Athletes, Parents, and Coaches.  In this webinar, he and Carl Lewis discuss the rising trends of sports injuries in our youth. "The No. 1 risk factor is year-round playing of a sport. [...]


Old School is Still Real School

  Many things have changed in our education system in the last few decades. New technologies have become available, new scientific principles have to be taught as the world outside pushes the boundaries of human knowledge. Manned space flight, probes to the very edges of the galaxy and dives into the deepest ocean trenches have [...]


Relays – We’re Back on the Right Track

BY: CARL LEWIS Orin Richburg has a plan for success. When I heard Orin Richburg had been selected as the Relay coach for Team USA I became cautiously optimistic - optimistic because I know he has the experience and knowledge to get the job done, and cautious because I know the status quo will fight [...]