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Ashton Eaton, It’s Your Time

Ashton Eaton is the greatest decathlete of all time, which makes him one of the world’s greatest athletes.  When he announced his retirement on Thursday, I congratulated him on a great career and reminded him that the long jump awaits.  He’s only 28 and he’s already a 27’ jumper.  He’s right there with the talent, [...]


How Do I “Eat Clean”?

Whether you're a competitive athlete or a casual adult runner trying to stay fit, you need to be fueling your body with the foods and nutrition it needs to function - and be healthy.   There are two things to consider: sufficiency and purity.  Sufficiency means you're consuming the right balance of nutrients and purity is [...]


What is The Template for Success?

If we look back at the path Carl Lewis took- and the path almost every athlete or successful person has taken to get to the top- we can identify a pattern and series of choices.  The Perfect Method calls this the Template for Success. Know where you want to go and why.  Care about your [...]


How Do I Develop Speed, Power and Coordination?

The following are current and common use of the terms considered as the foundations of performance: STRENGTH: The capacity of a muscle or muscle group to exert force against a resistance ENDURANCE: The capacity of a muscle or muscle group to continuously perform repetitive actions FLEXIBILITY: The ability of the skeletal components to move smoothly from one body posture to another AGILITY: The ability to move quickly and effectively from one place to another BALANCE: The ability to maintain a solid base of support or from one leg to the other without losing control of body stability POWER: The capacity of a muscle or muscle group to exert maximum force in a continuous direction for specific time. SPEED: The ability to move quickly in a linear direction utilizing maximum power COORDINATION: The ability of the body to implement specific sequential actions that result in patterns which create desired performance


What are the Different Types of Runners?

Let's look at the structure of muscle fibers.  There are two classifications:  TYPE 1 are considered “fast twitch muscles” and  they contribute to short bursts of exertion; and TYPE 2 are “slow twitch muscles” which contribute to prolonged or endurance performances.  All skeletal muscles are really a combination of these TYPES, but training adapts them [...]