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How Do I Assess Fatigue During a Training Session?

Overtraining results in injury, less than optimal results and frustration.  Please refer to the article on Cardiovascular Training for Endurance for the heart rate method to identify whether an athlete has recovered sufficiently during training to justify extending the session. Note from Carl: If you see the athlete tiring, be prepared to change the pace [...]


How Should I Balance Protein / Carbs / Fats?

Here are general rules of thumb.  Please reference How Do I "Eat Clean"? for additional details.  While the percentages matter, the sources do, too. Protein (vegetable and lean, wild meats or fish)          20-35% of total calories Carbohydrate (vegetables and fruit)                        [...]


What a Difference a Day Makes!

Carl Lewis was a short 12-year old kid when he met Jesse Owens.  The rest is history. Take a few minutes and watch the video. Morals of the story? 1.  Any one moment can become the source of a deep motivation and can affect the outcome of a person's life. 2.  Coaches, prepare all your [...]


What’s the Best Way to Gear Down?

After every workout the athlete should gradually warm down, or gear down.   These activities include the same progression used in gear-up, but in reverse. The time to allocate would also be the same, unless you add some stretches at this point. NOTE FROM CARL: This is a GREAT time to work on FLEXIBILITY since the muscles [...]


What’s the Secret to Reaction Time?

The “Set” position is held for a very short time.  Of course, the race starts at the sound of the gun.  Beyond having the correct Set Position every time, the “Gun” is what the athlete should train toward; specifically, how to minimize reaction time out of the blocks. At the sound of the gun, the [...]


What’s the Best Way to Start my Running Program?

Are you starting a running program to improve your fitness?  What’s the best way to get started?  How do you know what to aim for? The most important point in your training should be to always run correctly.   Form matters, no matter what distance or speed you’re training for.  Check out The Mechanics of Running [...]


What is the Optimal Set Position?

1. The athlete smoothly raises the hips as high as possible, because this is what affects an efficient start. If the center of gravity is too high, there’s less power available to force against the blocks. If it’s too low, it would be very difficult to apply enough pressure in the rear block, affecting the [...]