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How Do I Use the Be-Do-Have Model?

Are you ready to design your future?  Let's go!   Grab some paper and a pencil.  Make sure you're in a quiet area with no distractions.... Step 1: Imagine the Future You’re Excited About What is It? Write it down.   Imagine you're in the future time when you’ve accomplished your dream.  Ask yourself the following [...]


Carl Lewis: The Mindset of a Champion

Have you ever asked yourself what goes on in the mind of an athlete when they’re setting a world record? How do they mentally prepare themselves? What are their rituals? How do they feel after they’ve proven themselves to be the best in the world? How do they feel when they end up falling short? [...]


Things to Look for in an Athletic Organization

- by Isaac Samuels, parent, age group coach, former track athlete Coaches Research the history of the coaches and the organization/school. This will be helpful before you register your athlete. As a coach/parent, I have come to recognize the importance of establishing a relationship with both parents/guardians and student athlete(s). It takes a village to raise [...]


What’s the Be-Do-Have Model?

Most of us are action-oriented. We tend to focus on everything we’re doing and accomplishing. There’s nothing wrong with this, because it allows us to accomplish a great deal. However, when we focus on the “do” as the starting point for all we can “have” and “be” in the world, our “do-have-be” orientation traps us [...]


Building Leg Power thru Running, No Weights…Really?

- Michael Prejean, Team Perfect Method 400m hurdler A couple of weeks ago I was practicing and I asked Carl whether he thought weightlifting is necessary to develop strength and power in the legs.  To run fast. He told me that you don’t necessarily have to lift weights, that the workouts we do are designed [...]


Webinar: What’s the Right Fuel for The Perfect Run?

Dr. Ron Grabowski addressed important questions for runners: How does what you eat affect your running? What is your best diet and why? Questions that Dr. Grabowski answered include: - What’s the difference between a micronutrient and a macronutrient? - What’s the ”sweet spot”, or ideal balance of micronutrients and macronutrients to maximize performance and [...]


The Power is in the Push – Live Q&A with Carl Lewis 1-25-17

We had a great call tonight with a number of coaches who got to spend the better part of an hour with Carl. His coach, Tom Tellez, taught Carl that "pushing" is the best way to create power, momentum and ultimately, speed.  Old school is real school, and it's still true today...because it's based on the [...]


Running Faster Takes Time. Trust the Process.

- LeShon Collins, Team Perfect Method Sprinter One year ago I didn't know if I was going to continue to run track after I graduated college. By the time I got to college I was ranked top 5 in the nation for indoors. I ran the 60 in 6.74 and the 200 in 21.37 as [...]


What Are Some Drills to Manage My Tempo?

Setting Your Race Tempo Do some drills focusing on speed (using a shorter stride).  Work on your cadence. Do some drills focusing on arm swing. Practice running at or above your planned race tempo to know what the target lap (or mile) time feels like on race day. This should be the tempo for the [...]