Colonel Chris Sorenson, U.S. Army (Retired)


  • Highly adept Ranger, Green Beret and Commando Operator with nearly three decades of leadership and training expertise from platoon through brigade level
  • Hand-picked as the ground force commander for our nation’s first combat actions against the Taliban in southern Afghanistan immediately following 9/11 and led a series of campaign-shaping special operations during a period where there was no back up or emergency extraction, relying solely on individual and small unit heroism defined by exceptional preparation, grit and brilliance
  • Ran the Department of Defense’s one-of-a-kind assessment, selection and training element for the world’s premier commando force, tasked with finding and enhancing the ‘right person’ with the wherewithal to win in a high risk and uncertain combat environment with little to no guidance or feedback
  • Served as the Operations, Plans and Training officer (G-3/5/7) for the U.S. Army’s entire Special Operations Force, responsible for the resourcing and assessing individual and organizational readiness for global ‘must win’ missions
  • Led the largest commercial tactical training facility in the United States, ensuring tight standards for all aspects of trainee performance including master trainer certifications